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The School Platform of The Future

Attendance Systems

Attendance system allows club leaders, student council members, or club leaders to know who is there at the club and/or event.

Social Calendars

Social events that an adminastrator, student council members, or club leaders creates will placed on the participants' social calendar with all the information required.

Club Logistics

Every club will have their own page with all the information provided by the club's leader.

Communication Networks

Efficient communication channel for club leaders to easily reach other students without the need of external sources.

How will this work?

Our product will be compatible for IO's and Android.

Each student will have a profile that logs things what clubs they are in and what calendar events they want to emphasize or get alarms for. There will also be a homepage where every club is listed and clicking on the club’s icon will bring you to a info page about the club. We intend to make it possible for each club to have a seperate group chat, to make announcements and general conversation easier to access.

Desktop and Mobile

A feature of Quagaa is that students who do not own a mobile device can use our wesbite to use the app. Our website will serve as a computer version once signed in.

Quagaa School Sizes

A size for every school, club, and event.

Small Schools


  • Small Sized Schools
  • Under 350 Students
  • Offers Basic Functionality
  • Council Administration

Large Schools


  • Large Sized Schools
  • Over 800 Students
  • Offers More Clubs
  • Council Administration
  • AI Administration

Average Schools


  • Average Sized Schools
  • Between 350 to 800 Students
  • Offers More Clubs
  • Council Administration

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Welcome To Quagaa!

Our app helps to create a social environment for students by connecting them with school clubs and other events.