We create an interactive social platform for schools through:

Easy Communication Networks

Instead of having to look through your school website or handbook, anyone can easily message whoever they need to within our application. This allows for an efficient communication channel for club leaders to easily reach other students without the need of external sources.

Club Logistics

Every club will have their own page with all the information provided by the club's leader. The club leader can schedule and organize meetings, placing an event on the participants' social calendars with all the information including the zoom link. The club leader will also have the ability to assign work with a due date, making sure everyone is participating.

Social Calendars

The social calendar is an integral part of Quagaa. Any event that an adminastrator, student council member, or club leader creates will placed on the participants' social calendar with all the information required. These events could include school dances, movie nights, club meetings, plays, and even assembly meetings.


One very exciting feature of Quagaa is our sponsorship program. Club leaders will have the oppurtunity to interact with local businesses in the same field to get involved within the community. These businesses could sponsor the clubs, showing all the information about the business in that club's information page, and could help out the clubs by giving them materials or lectures. In return, the company will gain a lot of attention and club members could apply for internships at their facility.

Started at LaunchX with a team of 5 looking to solve problems

Originally seeking to solve the problem of inefficient attendance systems in schools, the team eventually realized that there was more need in the social area. Driven by similar passions and the goal to make school more socially available during the COVID-19 pandemic, these students worked relentlessly to create the right product for the need.

The Team

  • I really like Quagaa. It speaks to me like no app ever had before. It helped me beat my depression and become who I am today. Thanks Quagaa! Steve McKoy - LaunchX Student

  • A five star agency without doubt. Hire them! John A. Adams - Repetition

  • Creativity redefined. These guys offer a unique approach to every aspect
    of design and the result is simply stunning. Jane Lariken - MUD Clothing.

  • Design, design and redesign is their motto. Sartre won't stop until they have
    the perfect match between functionality and esthetic. Jack Tromso - Orcha Co.